A downloadable game for Windows

Hiya itch.io community!

I am a Game Design Student from Germany, making this game as my own solo project beside the bigger Project I am Designing in a team, here!

SiZe maTTerS is a 2D endless runner that has you, the player, combine the 4 abilities of Tiny and Tall to overcome all obstacles and defeat all enemies.

The current build is only the prototype for the endless mode! The actual game will have levels to complete, beside the endless mode. Based on what levels you complete, the endless mode will have new types of obstacles.

I decided to start out with the endless mode, since it creates a decent chunk of the mechanics I'll need for the finished game (like abilities and such) while also making a sort of finished demo.

Again, this is PROTOTYPE stage stuff, so pretty much all of the art and music is in a placeholder state! I just wanna put this out to see if the idea of the game is understood and if you, the player, could imagine liking this sort of game, what your suggestions are for different skill combinations, or what you don't like or don't understand! I'll make sure to answer any and all questions and give feedback to suggestions as I continue working on this!

It's not a lot but I hope you enjoy ^^'

PS: if you want to reset your highscore, the cheat is NUM5 :p

Install instructions

Just download and unzip the folder, click and run the exe, select your resolution(let me know if there are resolution issues), and enjoy ^^b


SiZe maTTerS - ProtoDemo.zip 15 MB